CCS Introduction

Welcome to the WebMonkeys introduction to Cascading Style Sheets. This new markup standard brings greater layout power to web designers while maintaining the simple and easy-to-understand nature of HTML.

Before we begin, you may ask yourself what the heck is CSS and what does it do. Well, CSS is a new way to define styles within a document. Using this, the look of a web site can be changed by modifying one entry. It also includes positioning and layering capabilities which enhance the layout capabilities originally offered by tables and frames.

This tutorial covers Level 1 of CSS and the proposed positioning extension. This does not include the other extensions brought forth by Netscape or Microsoft. It also does not include any information about the new standards currently being developed such as DHTML.

Note that Cascading Style Sheets are new, and you will need either version 4 of Internet Explorer or version 4 of Netscape Navigator.

So, let's go ahead a jump right in. It's simpler than it looks, but offers an infinite number of possibilities

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